[blog] Midnight Musings and Oyama Jinja

It’s 00:51. My alarm goes off in less than 5 hours; and guess who can’t sleep…

So, blog post it is:

I’ve spent over a month in Kanazawa, Japan, and it still doesn’t feel real. Not only is this the country I’ve dreamt of living in for longer than I can remember (I’ve not really taken that in yet…), but it’s also like walking through a Studio Ghibli illustration most days. There’s even a mini-shrine next to my school (will have to get a good picture of that at some point) that I’m 100% sure has some sort of magical properties… if only I could strike up the nerve to walk up the spider-surrounded stairs… (one day…)

Speaking of shrines, for around a month I’d avoided visiting Oyama Jinja, always too ‘busy’ and thinking it wouldn’t be anything special. Oh how I was wrong. In my opinion, despite Kenrokuen being the place to visit (and it definitely is worth it!) this place wins out. Not only is it free, but it also has equally beautiful, though smaller, grounds. There’s all the usual shrine-age, plus koi ponds, bridges, weird statues, moss-covered stones, and more. We visited on a Saturday and it wasn’t crowded at all (unlike Kenrokuen…) I would recommend this place to anyone visiting Kanazawa! I know I’ll be going back frequently.

With that short rambling, I’ll now attempt to get a few hours sleep…




Basically my dream aesthetic…

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